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Is there a mom or special lady in your life that deserves to be spoiled but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I got you covered with 5 gift ideas for moms that have been tried and true in my own personal life. By the end of this post, you will have some good ideas within a wide price range, because we all like options, right?!
Now, I am going to talk about each recommendation a bit more, but if you want to check out the brand’s websites first, I am going to go ahead and link them here for you.


Revlon One Step Volumizing Hair Dryer

Handmade Jewelry

Melrie Jewelry

The first is Melrie Jewelry. If the style of whomever you are purchasing for is simple and elegant, this is the shop for you! Melrie provides handmade 14k gold filled and sterling silver pieces for everyday wear that really makes you feel beautiful. It is jewelry you don’t want to take off and up levels any outfit! The pieces I bought for myself were the Miko earrings, the Ava earrings (10mm), and the Jules necklace.
I bought each item in the 14k gold filled option, and let me tell you, it sparkles so beautifully! Both styles of earrings are perfect for everyday wear, but the Miko earrings are a little bit fancier (in my humble opinion) because they include a Zirconia bezel which catches the light… swoon! As a mother expecting my second child very soon, I wanted to get a necklace dedicated to both of my children. I had bought one from a different online shop after my son was born, but I wanted one that represented both of them on the same necklace. The Jules necklace does just that! It has 2 different sized disks which I thought was perfect to signify my older and younger child. My son’s initial “a” is on the larger disc and my daughter’s initial “g” is on the smaller disc. It is such a special piece of jewelry to me and I love wearing it everyday.

Brightside Jewelry Co.

The second shop for handmade jewelry I have been loving lately is Brightside Jewelry Co. which specializes in artisan made sterling silver jewelry with natural stones! I would say that the style of this shop suits the nature loving, bohemian mama! They provide a wide range of items that are truly unique as there are some ready made items and other collections with one of a kind items! I love that because you won’t ever see someone else wearing the same exact piece as you if you purchase from the one of a kind collections!
I did end up purchasing from their Moonstone collection which is one of a kind, so sadly they are no longer available, but keep a look out for a restock! The Faceted Grey Moonstone Pendant is to die for and it has an open back that lets the light shine through it beautifully so you really can appreciate the full scope of this gorgeous stone! I also bought a Dainty Charm in the style Sunrise to accompany my Moonstone pendant and I love how they look together! The charms are made to order, so no worries about the availability of those! Of course, you have to have a chain to put your gorgeous pieces on! I decided to go with an 18″ beaded Sterling Silver Chain. The chain lengths come in 16″, 18″, and 20″. I am very pleased with the length of the chain I chose, it hits at just the right spot for me!

Faceted Moonstone Pendant and Sunrise Dainty Charm on a Beaded Chain from Brightside Jewelry Co.

Natural Artisan Bath Products

Pacha Soap Co.

I have always been a fan of natural, luxurious bath and body products, and the items I have from Pacha Soap Co. were actually gifted to me by a family member! I truly love these products so much, they have become a fast favorite! One of the products I have from Pacha is their Coconut Papaya Whipped Soap + Scrub. They make several other scents as well, and I have yet to try those, but the coconut papaya is such a nice light tropical fragrance. As I have become older I really don’t like overpowering scents so this is perfect! I love this product because it does such a great job at exfoliating but leaves your skin feeling so moisturized! It makes my shower routine a little more special every time I use this scrub! If there is one product you don’t want to sleep on, it is this: their Coconut Lemon Whipped Hand & Body Butter. Again, this product comes in a few different scents, but this is the one I happen to have and I love it! To me, the coconut lemon scent actually reminds me of chamomile tea… can you say calming?! It is so nice. No matter the scent you choose, though, their Hand & Body Butter is probably my all time favorite lotion. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy and even the next day my skin is so incredibly soft! This is really saying something because I struggle with rough eczema on my hands most of the year and this doesn’t irritate it one bit. In fact, it does the exact opposite and helps it, giving me baby soft hands. What could be better?!

Whipped Soap + Scrub and Whipped Hand + Body Butter from Pacha Soap Co.

Natural Perfume


If you or your loved one are interested in clean, hypoallergenic, natural fragrances, Skylar is the brand for you! When I became a mom, I started caring a whole lot more about what I put on and in my body. With how much I knew I would be in close physical contact with my baby, I didn’t want to wear perfumes with toxic chemicals that could rub off onto him. Needless to say, I have been a huge Skylar fan for the past 2 years! I have accumulated 6 different fragrances from them and not one has failed me! So there are a couple of options when it comes to purchasing from Skylar. You can either go ahead and make a one time purchase of items of your choice or for $20/month you can join their Scent Club, which is what I did! Each month they release a new, limited edition scent in a rollie bottle. They let you know what the scent is going to be before you are charged and the product ships, just in case you want to either skip that month (and not be charged) or change your fragrance to one of their permanent scents in rollie form. To be honest, I do end up skipping most months just because I don’t want to accumulate too many fragrances because I don’t want to be wasteful (and everything has a shelf life!) and because it isn’t always in the budget every single month. So just be aware of that when signing up for their Scent Club and maybe put a reminder in your phone to manage your box for the month before you are charged.

Because I am part of the Scent Club, I cannot link some of the past fragrances I have received because they are no longer available, but I will link the ones I have that are permanent and/or still available! The only full size fragrance I have purchased from Skylar is Vanilla Sky. This is described as a rich, creamy, and warm scent that smells of cappuccino, pure vanilla, and caramelized cedar. Definitely one of my favorites and I am so glad I bought the full size! My other fragrance that has tied for my favorite scent is Salt Air. I do have the rollie size but will absolutely be purchasing the full size asap! Salt Air is described as a bare, salty, and breezy fragrance smelling of driftwood, sea salt, and seaweed. It is so good! The final fragrance I am able to link for you is Capri. It is described as a citrus, sparkling, sweet scent with notes of bergamot, neroli, and blood orange. Not only do I love these scents, but they are approved by my husband as well! A win-win!

Vanilla Sky and Salt Air from Skylar.

Handmade Custom Fashion

The Taste Studio

The Taste Studio is the cutest little shop for custom clothing and accessories based out of Central CA and I really hope to make it back out there one day so I can actually shop their physical store! I stumbled upon the Taste Studio almost a couple of years ago now and was so intrigued by the unique, handmade items I was seeing! You can really sense the passion the owner, Stephanie has for her craft! I have only purchased a headband from Taste Studio, but cannot wait to buy more accessories and one day, one of her handmade dresses! The headband I bought was the Chartreuse Bee Band, which is not currently available, so I will link you the Black Bee Band instead (and honestly I might have to buy this one as well!). I just love the jewel detail of the bees on this headband and it totally elevates any outfit I wear as well as any hairstyle I wear it with! I have worn this headband both with casual outfits and more special occasion outfits and it is just perfect every time! I would definitely recommend checking out the Taste Studio and seeing what kind of unique, special items you can find for that special lady or yourself!

Chartreuse Bee Band by The Taste Studio

Bonus Ideas

You didn’t think I’d keep you hanging without a couple of bonus options, did you?! I really wanted this list to focus on handmade products, but these are 2 items I couldn’t help but recommend because I have loved them so much!

Revlon One Step Volumizing Hair Dryer

So most moms are super busy and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to getting themselves ready, right? Well, this handy tool makes it so easy to get a salon style, DIY blowout at home! It is the Revlon One Step Volumizing Hair Dryer. You can purchase it almost anywhere, but I linked it with Ulta so you can cash in on those Ultamate Rewards points! A couple of months ago I bought one for myself and it really speeds up the time it takes to give myself a nice blowout. The great part is, it is just one tool so no holding a round brush with one hand and a hair dryer in the other, this thing does it all in one step! Hence the name. I do have to say, it does have the capability of getting extremely hot, so maybe include a word of caution when gifting this to someone. I also notice that if you let your hair air dry a bit before using this it really cuts down the time, so if you are able to do that, I highly suggest using that method! All in all, it is a great tool that I would recommend to anyone!


Honestly, I cannot rave about Boxycharm enough! If you are not familiar with what it is, it is a monthly subscription service for beauty products, and for the base box, it is $25/month. This is another service that I do not do every month because it simply isn’t in the budget every month at the moment, and I want to give myself time to actually use the products I get from it as well. Whether you are gifting this service to someone else or to yourself, you have the option of paying either on a month to month basis or prepaying for 3, 6, or 12 months. I love Boxycharm because even though compared to some other beauty subscription boxes it may be a bit pricier, you get 5 full sized products! Often times just one of the products in the box pays for itself, for example, last month I had a skincare product in my box that retails for over $35 on its own! This is perfect for the person who loves to try new products often, and it is always a fun surprise when you get your box in the mail because you don’t know exactly which combination of their products for the month you will get (when you sign up you take a quiz so they make sure to send you products you are most likely to enjoy)! Like other monthly subscription boxes, this does renew automatically, so I would also suggest setting a reminder in your phone so you can either cancel or go through with your purchase for the month so you aren’t accidentally charged when you don’t want to be.

I really hope my list of gift ideas for mom helped you out in the hunt for a perfect gift for the special women in your life (or for yourself, it is important to “treat yoself” every once in a while as Donna and Tom from Parks & Rec would say!).
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