Why Your Small Business Needs a Website in 2022

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So you might be wondering, “Why DOES my small business need a website in 2022?” Friend, I’m here to tell you exactly why. 

Imagine this – you are interested in working with someone or buying one of their products. Maybe you are considering booking with a new Hair Stylist for the first time. You enter their business name into Google and… crickets. Uh oh. If you are anything like me, you might try to find an Instagram account or Facebook page as a last resort where you can look at reviews, previous work, and other content from that business. But… if you can’t easily find them online, or even worse, if they have NO online presence, do you know what I do? I find someone else. 

It is the harsh reality about the digital age we live in, but not having an online presence gives the impression that the business isn’t legit or professional. This might not always be the case, but I’m definitely going to continue looking for whatever service or product I need elsewhere, where I CAN read about and gain better knowledge about them or their product. 

By the end of this article, you will be able to name five reasons why your small business needs a website in 2022!

You Need a Hub!

A nice, comfy corner of the internet that you can call home. A one-stop-shop where people interested in working with or buying from you, or shoot, even just being entertained by your content, can come and learn more about you and what you do!

This is important whether you own your own business or work for someone else because all your information will be in one place showcasing what you are all about and what they can expect from you. The sooner someone can learn more about you, the sooner they can either 1. Form a decision about what action they will take, or, 2. Begin to grow the know, like, and trust factor (and then, later down the line, decide to take action or not). (Spoiler alert: blogging is a great way to grow the know, like, and trust factor).

Larger Audience

Spreading awareness about your business through word of mouth is great and all (and I’m totally not undermining it – it is still a super important way to market your business) but let’s be real for a minute, being online makes you visible to people who otherwise wouldn’t know about you!

Can we go back to my example about finding a new Hair Stylist to book with for just a minute? Did you know there are people who travel OUT OF STATE to get their hair done? I’m not just talking like a 1 hour drive. I’m talking like a 3+ hour FLIGHT.

This used to only be feasible if, say, your client moved far away and still wanted to see you or told their friends and family from far away about you. But traveling to get services is so much more commonplace these days than you think because we are able to find people in the field we need help with or who sell the product we need online.

When we feel we really connect with the person we find online, why wouldn’t we decide to work with them if we are able to? This example doesn’t even consider services that only take place online – even more reason to have a website to make you visible if you have the entire world (potentially) at your disposal!

Social Media is Unreliable

I’m going to make this short and sweet. Social media might be all the rage now, but what if it shut down tomorrow? What if it shut down FOREVER? You have to have your own website because simply put, we cannot rely on social media. 

Plus, social media outlets come and go. Do you remember MySpace? It’s the first social media platform most of us Millennials remember. Other than Neopets of course *cough cough*. (Now I’m really showing my age lol..) I never thought at the time that MySpace would be a thing of the past, but here we are, in a world where Instagram and TikTok are all the rage.

Am I telling you to not grow an audience on social media platforms at all? Absolutely not. I think it is important to use them as part of a strong online presence. I just don’t think you should make them your only form of an online presence. 

Even if a certain social media platform sticks around and proves useful for a long time, there are always glitches that happen. In 2021 there was a huge glitch across Instagram for an entire day which rendered it useless and everybody lost their minds. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but you know who wasn’t freaking out? The people who have their own websites and email lists! Because they have a place THEY can control. They know they can get in touch with their subscribers, clients, and customers even during a social media outage. 

THAT is the kind of peace of mind that comes with having your own website.

It Works for You While You Sleep

I’m not even exaggerating! If you have your website set up properly, it literally works for you 24/7.  

Ever wake up to an inbox full of questions, appointments that need booking, and services that need to be scheduled? Having your website set up so that clients can book themselves or fill out an application to work with you reduces the time you spend behind the scenes scheduling appointments or sending out questionnaires. 

Having an FAQ portion of your website is very helpful too because usually, if one person has a question about something, you can bet at least 10 more people have that same exact question, too.

Now if you are selling products? Well, shoot. You could literally be making money in your sleep by having a website set up!

Good Ol’ Pandemics

I think we can all agree that experiencing this Pandemic firsthand has changed the way we think about a LOT of things. I know it has for me.

One of those things being how important it can be for a household to have multiple streams of income and for one of those streams of income to be online. Sadly, the Pandemic caused a lot of people to lose their jobs or even shut down their businesses. But you know what is super cool? A ton of people took to the online space to start their own businesses during this time. 

In 2020, 4.4 MILLION new businesses were started in the United States! And in January 2021 ALONE, half a million businesses were started! Yes, many people took this as an opportunity to begin working for themselves utilizing the internet.

What about physical, store-front businesses that cannot rely solely on the internet? Well, even those types of small (or large) businesses can benefit from having a website in 2022 for the above reasons, but also because if something happens where they do have to shut down again for a period of time, their website will allow them to easily keep in contact with their customers and keep them updated. It will also allow them to introduce products to sell to existing customers online or even monetize their blog!

So, to sum it all up: your small business needs a website in 2022 for five important reasons. 

  1. You need a hub, ONE space where people can learn all about you and what you do. This builds credibility.
  2. With a website, you have access to a larger audience. Let’s get business boomin!
  3. Social media ain’t it. It is unreliable and just won’t last forever. You can’t rely solely on social media to have a strong online presence in 2022.
  4. Having a website literally works for you & allows your business to make money in your sleep.
  5. If the recent Pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of having a stream of income coming from an online source.

If you are realizing you need a website (like right now) and need help setting up a beautiful space to call your online home using Showit or Wix, I’m your girl! I’d love to chat with you and help you attract your dream clients and leave a lasting impression! Click here to start the conversation 😉

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    This makes so much sense! A website is definitely non-negotiable now days. Thanks for breaking it down so nicely!

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